Quality and Environment


Behind Caribeño is Earmur(Explotaciones Agrícolas de la Región de Murcia), a family company dedicated to the production, handling and commercialization of the products obtained in its own farm, under the absolute respect to the environment and surroundings in which it is located.

A natural environment with multiple species that we care for and protect by carrying out a conscious agriculture, without the use of any type of pesticides or herbicides and promoting sustainable cultivation practices.

Proof of the importance of environmental care for us, are the constant measures we adopt for this purpose, among which are:

  • Commitment to the protection of birdlife (protection of high-voltage cables to prevent bird electrocution).

  • Collaboration with ANSE (Asociación de naturalistas del sureste) for studies and monitoring of some species that live on the farm and placement of elements such as ramps that prevent, for example, drowning of reptiles in wells and reservoirs.

  • Use of natural resources such as solar panels for energy supply both in the agricultural and handling parts of the facilities designed for this purpose.

  • Use of conservative practices with native vegetation to serve as a refuge for insect pest predators.

  • System for the reduction, recycling and energetic reuse of waste endorsed by AENOR under the Zero Waste seal, avoiding landfill management.

  • Development of short-term sales projects Biomass (plant residues for energy transformation)


One of the company's main pillars is the respect and protection of its employees, considering them to be the company's best asset.

Within this framework, Earmur's management also advocates for the quality and food safety of the product, expectations and satisfaction of the customer and other stakeholders.

To this end, we work on continuous improvement year after year, ensuring that each action contributes to :

  • To offer the customer products that are legal, safe, authentic and of high quality.

  • Promote good hygienic practices in harvesting, transport and handling in the fruit and vegetable plant.

  • Promote food safety culture, making it known among workers and other interested parties.

  • Ensure compliance with the necessary measures of the regulations and legislation in force in the prevention of occupational hazards.

  • Develop a training plan for all employees and establish continuous communication to improve the work environment.

  • Ensure good agricultural practices, properly managing plant material, soil, fertilization, irrigation, integrated pest management.

Seals that endorse us

Good practices in the field and in the warehouse are endorsed by the quality seals that we achieve year after year with good results: